Black Media Incorporated

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Who we are

Black Media Incorporated is a Media Holding company that has a number of strategic business units spanning the Fashion, Tech, Advertising, and Multimedia production sectors.

  • Gilmour Drive, Bdale, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • +263 73 341 4207

What we do

As a media holding company we have interests in a few key Fields

Lifestyle Products 90%
Marketing and Advertising 70%
App Development 95%
Audio Visual Production 60%


An advertising and marketing creative studio.

Cultured Republik

A lifestyle brand, mainly concerned with Fashion, Art, Accessories and Events.

BMi Studioz

The creative wing of Black Media Incorporated, focusing on Audio and Video production.

Sky Films

Sky Films is an aerial photography concern that uses state of the art equipment to capture breath taking moving and still images.

Jack of Spades

Jack of Spades is an Event planning, and hosting company that deals with the entertainment indusrty.

App Centre

We develop revolutionary Apps that bring benefits to everyday life. Our approach is simple but thorough.

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  • c.r

    Cultured Republik is at its core a lifestyle brand. The brand is mainly concerned with the following products:

    Cultured Republik aims to be the preferred collection of brands that represent a certain lifestyle. By partnering with local and regional talent, we create a platform that allows young designers, experienced fashionista's, artists and any other creative who falls in between to proudly showcase their products on an exciting platform. 

     Cultured Republik and affiliate merchandise are premier products/services at an affordable price! Enjoy Shopping on our site, and if you would like to know more information about the Cultured Republik movement. Visit:

  • bmi.studioz

    BMistudioz is a creative production company which specializes in:

    Music Production
    Video Production

    Don't hesitate to contact us
  • ad.mrkt

    The Advertising and Marketing Co.

    We are an advertising and marketing creative studio. If there is anything synonymous with being in enterprise, it is dealing with problems. In fact, the very reason that you are in business is to solve a consumer problem. Whatever industry your business sits in, the need for a solution focused agency can be the difference between sub par, mediocrity, and excellence!


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    Gilmour Drive, Borrowdale, Harare



    +263 73 341 4207


    +263 73 341 4207